If these errors are occuring while running the .asp pages then below is the fix that will make things working for you.

1. Error as displayed in the browser: The server failed to load application. Check Eventlog for more details.

2. System log in the eventvwr - W3SVC: The server failed to load application '/LM/W3SVC/1/ROOT'. The error was 'Class not registered'.

3. Event Viewer Application Log for MSDTC CLIENT
Event Type: Error
Event Source: MSDTC Client
Event Category: (10)
Event ID: 4427
Failed to initialize the needed name objects. Error Specifics: d:\comxp_sp3\com\com1x\dtc\dtc\msdtcprx\src\dtcinit.cpp:215, Pid: 2536
No Callstack,
CmdLine: C:\WINDOWS\System32\dllhost.exe /Processid:{xxxx}

4. Component Services -> COM+ in MMC, it will throw error.

This means that COM+ on your system is corrupted and it is not able to communicate with msdtc. Also it is not able to get to the IIS Components/Packages in your COM+.

1. Fix MSDTC:

a. Go to the command prompt
b. Change directory to C:\%windir%\system32
c. Type: msdtc -uninstall
d. Restart PC
e. Go to the command prompt
f. Change directory to C:\%windir%\system32
g. Type: msdtc -install

2. After, msdtc is installed (Component Services -> COM+ in MMC will not throw any errors). Delete and re-register IIS Components/Packages in the COM+ by following the below steps:

IIS related package in Component Services MMC
1. IIS In-Process Applications
2. IIS Out-of-Process Pooled Applications
3. IIS Utilities

a. In the Command Prompt, go to %windir%\system32\inetsrv folder
and run >rundll32 wamreg.dll, CreateIISPackage command

b. run >regsvr32 asptxn.dll

c. Then reset IIS using iisreset command, then re-open Component Services MMC to verfiy the IIS Components/Packages are recreated.

The above steps should make your .asp pages render properly!!!!!


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