Intellisense support for XML and Javascript

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Visual Studio 2008 has new set of supported tools and resources to offer. One of it is intellisense support which is really useful to have at the time of writing the code. It helps developers with a quick in time reference support to the available members & methods within the objects thereby saving a lot of time.

This article is intended to create an awareness of these available tools and resources in Visual Studio 2008. Rest assured, it is very easy to find help of these resources on the internet. Just bing it.

a. XML Intellisense:
XML intellisense support is really useful to the developers as it provides the elements or the child elements details for a node selected. This prevents them to remember or refer to the xml structure in between coding.

The tool support provided by microsoft is 'XML to Schema interface Wizard'. It is very easy to use. Just download and install the tool from microsoft site.

It creates a new template in VS 2008 called 'XML to Schema'. Select your xml document whose schema you want to create. Boom. You will see the XSD file created in your project and also while coding, intellisense support is provided.

b. Javascript Intellisense:
Javascript intellisense support is another thing that is liked by the developers. Some .net developers find difficult coding in java script as there was not much support about the language methods and classes earlier.

With the help of this, developers now get the javascript intellisense while coding the .aspx page (html) and get the handy information of various available members & methods.

Infact not other than this, VS 2008 also supports javascript debugging. Bing it.