Install Certificate on servers using script

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Have you ever dreamt of installing certificates on more than 200 servers? You will burn yourself if you do it manually on each server and is time consuming as well. Logging on to each server, opening IIS, importing certificate. This process might sound a quick job if you do it on a small bunch of servers but it is really painful if someone gives you a huge set of servers. Also it can become monotonous and you loose your interest.

Here is gift to relieve you from burning. It is called 'IISCertDeploy.vbs' script, which is one of the useful tools available in the 'IIS 6.0 Resource Kit Tools'. This tool is useful to deploy certificates on servers using IIS 6.0.
It is pretty straight-forward to use by just supplying a small bit of information.

The information on the 'IIS 6.0 Resource Kit Tools' can be obtained here. The Tool kit contains other useful IIS related tools that could be very useful to some.

IISCertDeploy.vbs helps perform 3 operations – install, restore and backup certificates. Their usage are as in the below screenshots.

a. Install a Certificate:

b. Backup a Certificate:

c. Restore a Certificate:

d. Switch Options:

Note, in order to execute this script, you must use cscript.exe which can be found at the system folder of the server: c:\windows\system32 typically.

So your install certificate command would look like as below.

cscript.exe IISCertDeploy.vbs -c "<pfx_cert.pfx>" -p <password>

Note: If you are using network or folder path for your certificate or script, don't forget to enclose it within double quotes (""), else the command will not do anything.


  1. Louis // May 6, 2009 at 5:12 PM  

    Awesome! you saved my life.